​Pulpy Grape Juice/Arabian Grape Juice

It is only the beginning of March and yet the summer heat is unbearable. This juice would be perfect to beat this heat and to fill your tummy.😊 Recipe  Serves 4 Ingredients: Black grapes: 200gm, preferably seedless(I used sharad grapes; they are sweeter and tastier than the one with the seeds, hence less sugar is… Continue reading ​Pulpy Grape Juice/Arabian Grape Juice

​Chicken Meat Balls and Speghetti with Mushroom Sauce

It has been a long time that I have posted anything in the blog.. This weekend, we were all at home after a long time and I decided to go off the menu and try something new for dinner. 😋 I always wanted to try cooking with Italian spices. This dish is a blend of… Continue reading ​Chicken Meat Balls and Speghetti with Mushroom Sauce

​Sunrise Sangria

What a great way to end a year..!!And welcome the new one…Wine, Chocolates, Chicken…and your loved one..Nothing would beat it…😁😁 Sangria is usually a hit in summer season.. But why not try it on a new year eve..Sunrise Sangria is moreover a citrus sangria. It refreshes your palate and soul as well..😋 Ingredients:  Orange juice: 200ml… Continue reading ​Sunrise Sangria