Plum cake Eggnog

I recently had a potluck with my dear friends. They had asked me to prepare a special dessert for the day. I had  come across  a recipe on the Internet and it was the perfect dessert for a potluck with Christmas right around the corner. I had planned to name it, plum cake icecream. However, my dear friend, who had restricted herself from having any chocolates or icecream as part of the fasting, couldn’t resist my dessert and had gorged herself over the desert. She had  humbly requested me not to name it an icecream. So this dish is for you my dear, Plum Cake Eggnog..😋 Eggnog is one of the American Christmas specials that has egg, milk, and little of booze. 😉A perfect christmas dessert that is made up of plum cake, wine and lots of happiness.😁


  • Plum cake: 2 cups, crushed with hand
  • Fresh cream: 200ml
  • Egg yolk: 4
  • Powdered sugar: 1/2 cup
  • Wine: 2-3 tbspn


  1. Whisk the fresh cream in a bowl until peak is formed.
  2. Whisk the egg yolk and powdered sugar in another bowl until it thickens and turns pale yellow.
  3. Fold the whisked egg yolk and powdered sugar with whisked fresh cream.
  4. To it add crushed plum cake. Fold it until it is evenly spread.
  5. Add wine and once again fold it.
  6. Freeze it in a container for atleast 8-9 hours.
  7. Serve it to your dear ones.


  • For Eggnog, rum is one of the main ingredients. Hence, one can replace wine with rum.
  • If you can handle more, you can add additional quantities of wine or rum.😉

My friends were so into the dessert that I did not even get the answers for all my questions…😂
Enjoy the Eggnog…and Merry Christmas..🎅🎅


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