Hey all..!!

My name is Rini. I am married to a wonderful person who also happens to be a very good cook.  His dishes turn out even better than mine sometimes……  😉

I grew up seeing my Mom cook some awesome dishes.  At the time, I never bothered to learn from her, instead I would help her carry all the dishes to the dining table and would serve the food to my Dad, uncle,  friends, family and the occasional guests, with my head held high as if  it was me who took all the effort to cook those awesome dishes.  Mom’s food was always lip smacking good filing your tummy as well as your heart.

Fast forwarding to the present, it was only after my marriage that I realized the true hassle of preparing proper meals. Thanks to my husband Arjun, who was a great cook even then, I started learning cooking in earnest. Now, I am the proud mother of a 2 year old princess. I have come far in my cooking; I am now a way better cook than before. Now that I have become a better cook than my dear hubby, he has turned to baking. He makes some great cakes now. Our daughter is a huge fan of his vanilla sponge cake.

Now that I got some free time, I started browsing for new recipes, to try out some new dishes. If a dish stands out and strikes my fancy, i would try to replicate it. Of course it would end up a bit different with my own style put in. However they still taste really good if I say so myself…  🙂

Here, I bring forth to you, all those food and the recipes that I have been inspired by with my own little touches to it. For these recipes, you don’t need a wholesome of pantry, just the usual stuff lying around your fridge or pantry would suffice. On a weekend, you could pull your partner or loved ones to your kitchen and try out these dishes with your own little touches put in. I have always found it a great way to spend your weekends, cooking with your partner, fighting, laughing, and sharing stories…