Layered Oats Pudding with Mixed Nuts Brittle

​I have been experimenting with sweet dishes for some time. My mom loves sweets but sadly she is diabetic…. She’s one of the best critic of my cooking. This time, she had a suggestion, “why not prepare a dish that she could have without any concern”. So, I bring to you this delicious dish, layerd oats pudding with mixed nuts brittle .It is similar to cheesecake,  but without the cheese.. 😉
Serves 4

Oats: 3 tbspn
Milk: 3 cups

Sugar : 5 tspn(I replaced sugar with 6-7 sugar free shots)

Food colour(optional)

Vanilla essence

For the base: 
Marie biscuit: 1 packet, powdered

Butter: quarter cup, melted

For mixed nuts brittle:
Cashew nut, almond, ground nut: 1 cup, chopped( you can include pistachio,walnut etc)

Sugar: 3 tbspn.

1. In a pan, pour milk, add sugar(or sugar free shots), oats and 3 drops of vanilla essence. Bring it to boil.

  1. Stir until the porridge is thick. Let it cool.

  2. To make the base, mix the powdered biscuit and butter.

  3. Place the base mix in glass and refrigerate it for 15 min.

  4. Take out the glass and pour 2-3 spoon of the porridge. Refrigerate it for 10 min.

  5. Meanwhile, to make the brittle, melt the sugar in a pan.

  6. On a plate apply butter(or use butter paper), spread the chopped nuts.

  7. Once the sugar is caremilized(it turns into brown colour, and is neither runny nor sticky), pour it over the nuts. Let it cool.

  8. (optional) Add food colour to the rest of the porridge. Mix well.

  9. Repeat the steps 4 and 5.

  10. Once the brittle is set, break the brittle into pieces and decorate it on the pudding and serve.

Tip: If the brittle is excess, do not hesitate..Make your palate happy..:-)


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