Revised Spanish Omelette

Earlier today, I had prepared idli munchurian. Still a few idilies were left by dinner time. I did not know if idli would go with egg and my mom vehemently shot down the idea, but the chef in me rose up to the challenge and I cooked this yummy dish. It is my version of Spanish Omelette or Tortilla. Like I had mentioned before, I love fancy names. I named it Revised Spanish Omelette. 😉

Serves 3

Time- 15 minutes

Idli- 4 chopped 1cm thick

Egg- 3

Dark Soy sauce-1 tsp

Green chilli sauce- 1 tspn

Hot red chilli sauce- 1 tspn

Tomato sauce- 1 tspn

Black Pepper powder-1 tspn

Salt- to taste

Low fat oil

Cheese- 1 sliced cheese, chopped

Corriander- a handful

  1. Beat the egg with all the suaces, salt and pepper.

  2. Add the chopped idli into it and mix well.

  3. Heat some oil. Pour this mix into the pan.

  4. In a low flame, cook for a minute with lid closed.

  5. Spread the chopped cheese.

  6. Sprinkle pepper powder on it.

  7. Let it cook for 5 more minutes in low flame with the lid closed.

  8. Garnish it with corriander and serve.


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