Banana Coconut Sphere

Just like I celebrated the fruit mango, I am celebrating the plantain fruit.. ;-). Thanks to my in laws who stay in kerala, they had brought a bulk of plantain fruit, I am joyfully celebrating the Banana week…:-)

Here I am presenting an evening snack that goes well with a hot cup of tea or coffee. Banana coconut sphere is my version of a well known snack in Northern Kerala, Unnakaya.

Serves 4

Banana(plantain fruit): 2 steamed and peeled

Coconut: 1 cup grated

Dates: 10, seeds removed and chopped

Cashew nut: 10 chopped

Raisins: 10

Almond: 10 chopped

Ghee: 2 tspn

Low fat oil

1. To prepare the coconut mix, pour ghee in a pan, roast cashew nut, almond and raisins. Add grated coconut to it and saute for a minute or two. After that, in the end, add the chopped dates and mix well.

2. Let the mix cool.

3. Smash the steamed banana. To it , add the coconut mix and knead it well with your hands.

4. Make tiny spheres or any shape you desire.

5. Deep fry it in oil until it is golden brown.

6.Serve it hot.


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