Banana Roll

Being a keralite, plantain fruit or nendra pazham is kind of a staple food..Usually on every occasion , there will be atleast 1 dish made of raw plantain or fruit. This fruit does bring a lot of memories. Here I bring forth you a simple and easy recipe for a 4’o clock snack.

Serves 4

Plantain fruit: 3 ripe one
Coconut: 1cup grated
Cardamom powder- 2 pinch
Cashew nut- a handful(broken)
Raisins- 1 tbspn
Jaggery – 2 tbspn grated
Ghee- 2 tspn

1. Slice the plantain lengthwise, 2-3mm thick. From one plantain , you may get 3-4 such slices.
2.In a pan, roast cashew nuts and raisins in ghee.
3. Add the grated coconut, jaggery, cardamom powder, and saute it, till the jaggery melts and mixes completely with the coconut.
4. Once the mix is well sauted , keep it aside.
5. In the same pan, toast the plantain slices in ghee on both sides. Once, golden brown colour appears on them, keep aside.
6. On a slice of toasted plantain, place little amount of the coconut mix, and roll it. And press it at the end.
7.Repeat the same, with other slices.
8.Serve it to your dear ones.
If there is any leftover coconut mix, don’t hesitate, that alone is tasty and make your palates happy..😋


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