Multicolor Popsicle

This is my second attempt on popsicle…1st one wasn’t that colourful as I expected…I hope this one has come out well. When we think of popsicle,may be with a different name,it definitely takes us to back to our good old childhood days. No matter how old you are, it brings out the child in you. And I loved watching my Mom and hubby licking it and spilling it like kids.

Serves 4

Pappaya – 1 cup cut into cubes
Mango -1 cup cut into cubes
Kiwi-1 (optional)
Apple-1 cup
Honey- 2 tspn

1. Blend pappaya, mango separately.
2. Also blend apple, kiwi and 2 tspn of honey.
3. For the mould , if you don’t have popsicle mould, disposable glass will be perfect.
4. Fill 1/3rd of mould/ disposable glass with papaya juice,Freeze it for 3 hours.
5. Similarly, fill again the 1/3rd of the mould with kiwi-apple mix, freeze it again for 2 hours.
6. Lastly, fill the mould with mango juice. Insert an ice cream stick to each disposable glass. Or close the mould with the lid. Freeze it for 4-5 hours.
7. To remove the popsicle smoothly from the mould, spill warm water over them and serve it to your dear ones.

Tip: You can make this multicolor popsicle with any fruits you desire. Just make sure that all those fruits go well with each other.


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