Mango-Oreo Float

This was one of the surprises that I gave to my husband on a dull and tiresome mid-summer week. The happiness on his face and the satisfaction made my heart soar with joy.



Servers 2


Mango-1(peeled and cut into cubes, seed removed)

Oreo biscuit-10

Sugar-3 tspn

Milk-2 cups


  1. Blend the mango cubes, 1 cup milk and 1 tspn sugar. And keep aside.
  2. Blend the 8 oreo biscuits, 1 cup milk and 2 tspn of sugar.
  3. The name float comes because of the way we layer the final dish in a glass jar.
  4. Take a jar or a glass, pour to spoon of mango shake, and then pour two spoon of oreo shake. Continue this for 2-3 times so that the jar is almost full.
  5. Optional-if you have vanilla or any ice cream, place a spoonful on the top of it.(Luckily , I had a cup of vanilla ice cream in my fridge and I scooped it and placed it on top)
  6. Garnish it with oreo biscuit crumbs and pomegranate and a piece of oreo biscuit.

Tip: the oreo milk shake is usually watery. It doesn’t have the consistency of mango milk shake. In order to obtain the same consistency, you can add a cup of frozen milk to make oreo milk shake.


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